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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Will Gold Prices Keep Rising or Drop Like a Rock?

What's going on with gold prices lately? Today is February 26, 2013 and I see that the price of gold hit $1,621.40 today and the trading day is not even over. That's not an all-time high but it is a very decent price, especially if you are looking for a gold buyer so you can sell gold.. But what if you're thinking about buying some gold? Should you purchase gold right now? Is this a good time to sell some gold? Aargh! What should we do?

Let's look at some of the articles on the web today. There is certainly no shortage of them. I'm going to share some of the best articles I found today in the post below.

Let's see what some other writers are writing about the question of whether to buy gold or sell gold (or neither) right now and other topics related to gold prices.

What Drives the Price of Gold and Silver? | Keith Weiner ... 2/25/13

If there is a credible rumor that the Fed is planning to further extend its “Quantitative Easing”, how would you expect the monetary metals to react? Typically, the gold price would rise and the silver price would rise even more. The question is why.

Traders read the headlines and they know how the price “should” react to such news, and they begin buying. For a while, the prophecy fulfills itself. But then what happens next? It may take an hour or a month, but sooner or later some of the new buyers begin to sell. What can be bought on speculation using leverage must eventually be sold.

Gold price: the real reasons to be nervous about further falls - Frik Els2/22/13

Gold price: Forget the death cross, here are the real reasons to be nervous You're calling me a gold bear? After an unnerving $45 fall on Wednesday, gold is trying to build support around $1,570 an ounce. At these levels gold is down more than $330 from the all-time high above $1,900 an ounce set in August 2011.

The yellow metal is also getting dangerously close to straying into bear territory – officially defined as a 20% pullback. Wednesday afternoon gold briefly touched $1,555 – that's an 18.5% retreat from the record high.

Here is a roundup of some of the reasons why gold's "long up cycle from 2001 to the present is very likely hitting an inflection point".

  Silver and Gold Prices: Can the Gold Price Close Over $1,605? - Franklin Sanders

Gold Price Close Today : 1586.20. Change : 13.80 or 0.88% Silver Price Close Today : 28.987. Change : 0.527 or 1.85%

The GOLD PRICE made progress today in climbing above the lower channel line that has held it in since last November. This is positive, but not dispositive. Gold's first task is to climb over $1,605. From there I expect it to march very quickly toward $1,640. If it doesn't, then the falling hasn't ended.

Current gold prices may constitute a buying opportunity - Dubai Chronicle

Current gold prices may constitute a buying opportunityDubai ChronicleWe do not share this view; in contrast, we do think that these current prices constitute a buying opportunity, as the key drivers and issues are far from being resolved. 

Gold's price cycle likely to have turned: analysts - Taipei Times

Proactive Investors AustraliaGold's price cycle likely to have turned: analystsTaipei TimesGold's price cycle has probably turned as the recovery in the US economy gathers momentum and investment holdings collapse, according to Goldman Sachs Group In ...

Today's Gold price per ounce Spot gold per gram price Trend; Spot silver 

Business InsiderToday's Gold price per ounce Spot gold per gram price Trend; Spot silver ...Learning and FinanceGold contract price closed up to 1,586.60 per troy ounce. Silver contract price finished the session higher at 28.99 per troy ounce. Safe ...

Lear Capital: Gold Price at Tipping Point - International Business Times

International Business TimesLear Capital: Gold Price at Tipping PointInternational Business TimesIf each citizen in India and China, accumulated just an additional quarter ounce of gold in this next year, that would increase demand by $1 trillion at ...

The bottom line is that gold has fallen and may continue to fall. If you're thinking about selling your gold, now would be a great time, before the price falls anymore:

...gold is down more than $330 from the all-time high above $1,900 an ounce set in August 2011.

Why Gold Is Falling - By Paul Nathan

Friday, February 22, 2013
Gold peaked at just over 1900 dollars an ounce about a year and a half ago and has been falling ever since. As of this writing gold hasn't broken to new lows, but it may. The question is "why"? There are many reasons, but the first and foremost reason is due to an incorrect monetary assessment by most gold bugs and their followers.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sell Scrap Gold in Houston, TX

Do any of you Houstonians want to sell scrap gold in Houston, TX and make some instant cash in the process? There's a lot more to selling your gold than you might realize. You have to know the weight and purity of it, first of all. Just figuring out these two things can be a real challenge! Fortunately, there is a Houston gold buyer that can help you.

Houston Gold & Silver will give you a free evaluation of your scrap gold or any other gold and silver you want to sell. They will weigh it and test it for purity right in front of you. This evaluation includes the price they will pay for your gold. Save yourself the time and trouble and take your gold and silver to ouston Gold & Silver.

If you want to learn how to figure out the value of your gold by yourself, keep reading.

Wikihow.com has a terrific article about how to calculate the value of your scrap gold. It's the best information I have ever read on this subject and I want to share it with you. There are several steps to take and they are all laid out in a systematic manner. I highly recommend that you read this, especially if you are searching for a gold buyer because you want to sell your gold. There are lots of pictures to help guide you and there's even a video.

Here's what you're going to learn:

Organize Your Gold by Karat

Perform your own test on any items you are unsure of.

Keep gold coins separate from the rest of your gold.

Determine the Gram Weight of Your Gold

Determine the Value of Your Gold

Multiply the price per gram by the weight in grams


  Let's get started:

  Things You'll Need

  • Scrap gold
  • Internet and/or newspaper reports of gold prices
  • Jeweler’s scale or kitchen scale
  • Acid and stone or gold verification pen for testing the gold yourself
  • Calculator for conversions and calculations
If you have scrap gold, you can sell it, but for how much? Gold prices tend to increase when the economy is flat or there are worries about war or inflation. However, before you bring gold jewelry, dental fillings, teeth, nuggets, or bars to a scrap gold dealer's counter (or send it off by mail), you should know exactly what it's worth to be sure you are getting a fair price in exchange. Most scrap gold dealers keep the calculation a secret, but this article gives you all the information you need to figure out the value of your scrap gold for yourself.

 There is a LOT more valuable information on the page below so I'm going to include a link for you.
Don't miss the Tips section either. There are many helpful tips there.

Feel free to leave a Comment on this post and let us know if or how it helped you. We love to hear from our readers!

 Read more here: http://www.wikihow.com/Calculate-the-Value-of-Scrap-Gold

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tips on Selling Gold in Houston, TX

I have a great article to share about selling gold that will help all of you who want to sell gold in Houston, TX. There are lots of excellent points in it! I'm sure it will help you no matter where you live but if you're looking for gold buyers in Houston, TX, we invite you to call or visit Houston Gold & Silver or check us out online at http://houstongoldandsilver.com.
The address and phone number are at the top of this blog.

Here's the article:

This articles is about how and why one would sell gold. The need or desire to sell gold can be just as important to some people as it is to buy gold. Some daily investors buy and sell gold on a regular basis. They tend to be more professional rather than just the guy in the street who is not so familiar with the ins and outs of the gold market. So how does the ordinary person sell gold and why should they?

Why Sell Gold
Some times the need arises to sell gold. For example, if circumstances demand that we need funds for some emergency or we see some potential in the market that demands quick action which we cannot resist.

People keep gold for various reasons. Asset protection, catching a good opportunity when the value of gold increases. Preserving assets which others cannot access (ex spouses, creditors etc). Even just liking the idea of keeping ones assets in gold rather than in a bank.

So the reasons to sell gold may vary also. Cashing in some assets to recover funds for some purpose such as pay bills, buy that car you have always wanted, take advantage of a dramatic increase in gold value. Seeing an opportunity elsewhere and selling your gold to utilize those funds elsewhere.

How to Sell Gold
How you sell gold can depend on what types of gold you have.

You might not want to sell all of your gold so if you have bullion in the form of coins and bars, these are easy to sell. You can sell all or even just a portion of your total gold holding this way. Most dealers and even private individuals are willing to buy gold. Generally you will get, from a dealer, just below spot. The dealer also wants to make some money and he has to on sell the gold to do so. Selling privately you can get the spot price and sometimes a little more. Gold sold by online auctions, such as eBay generally sell for over spot. But if the price of gold moves up quickly the buyer can still get a good deal. Timing is everything here.

Here are a few points worth remembering also.

Coins are easier to sell than the larger bars. Basically people do not have to pay so much money for coins. A ten ounce bar is a lot of money for many people and comes under the category of big ticket items. Such bullion bars would really be sold to dealers who have a high cash flow. Individuals will buy coins however and generally pa over the then current value or price of gold..

Of course, the price you get for selling your gold is dependent on the prevailing price of gold at that time.

To read the rest of this article, please visit http://buying-gold.goldprice.org/2005/12/sell-gold.html

What did you think about this article? Did it help you? Feel free to let us know by leaving a Comment on this post

Thursday, October 4, 2012

What to Know Before You Sell Gold in Houston


Do You Want To Sell Gold in Houston?

If so, here are a few things to think about first.

The popularity of selling gold online, in stores or locally has become very popular over the past few years. There are many different ways of selling your precious metals, and you may have more gold than you realized just sitting unused in your house. But what should you do with it all? Should you leave it to gather dust or actually make some money?

When To Sell Your Gold

It is no secret that gold is a very precious material.  If you have various gold jewelry or other antiques in your house that you no longer need or want, then now is a great time to sell your gold and reap the benefits. Gold can vary in price and value and choosing now as the optimum time to sell will see you get the most profit for your gold items.

This means that selling it comes with tactics – you need to make sure you sell it at the right time to make the most money. Gold is considered as a huge investment right now, and it is one of the most popular subjects that comes up in relation to financial news.

Take advantage of a good situation and take your gold to the top gold buyers in Houston to make the best profit. Check out gold stocks to get a better idea of its current valuation too!

 What Types of Gold to Sell

Gold can vary in value, and you will know your gold’s worth if you have it examined. 100% pure gold is set at a standard 24 karats, and the higher the karat, the higher the percentage of pure gold in the item and the more money you will get.

Do you want to sell jewelry in Houston, TX? No matter whether you have gold bracelets, rings, necklaces, tangled up chains, pendants, cufflinks, broaches, old gold coins, sovereigns, cutlery or gold bars, all are acceptable types of gold and gold jewelry to sell at Houston Gold & Silver. 

The Price of Gold

Gold prices fluctuate, which is why it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the gold market. The stocks of a gold market can be tricky to negotiate though, and if you’re just looking for a quick and easy way to sell your unwanted gold then looking for a local gold buyer is the best way to do this.

Some people prefer to compare prices of gold weights online, but be careful that you’re not being told incorrect information for the profit of an online seller. Sell gold in Houston by going to a local store which will give you friendly and informative service about the value and pricing of your gold. 

Remember that a general value of gold may not be the standard set by individual companies; for example 1 gram of 24 karat gold might be worth $57 today, but it may be completely different tomorrow.

We may never know the true value of gold as many online sellers are out to make a profit; this means that you can watch the gold market as much as you want, but a local seller may offer a better price for your gold all year round – not just at peak periods.

(By the way, you can also sell silver in Houston at Houston Gold)

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